Admiral Benbow Beach Bar, The Promenade, Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire

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Admiral Benbow Beach Bar

The Admiral Benbow Beach Bar has operated since 1997 and since then has gathered a dedicated clientele who have spread the word from person to person. It is still, however, one of the Lincolnshire Coast's best kept secrets.

Originally the building was a public toilet, workmen’s hut and had a small lookout area.

In 1995, the council boarded up the building in an attempt to discourage the vandalism that was costing several hundreds of pounds a year.

A local businessman came up with an idea to convert the building into a theme pub and, with the help of colleagues in the building trade, the idea went from drawing board to the real thing.

Support came from the Rural Development Commission in the form of a grant towards the building costs.

All of the wood used in the building was reclaimed from the old breakwaters and groynes that used to be on the Chapel Beach.


No kidding! Cross the sea wall, down a few steps and you are on Chapel’s beach. Grab some take away drinks in our special plastic safety glasses and you have the refreshments to accompany your own picnic. But please - don’t take glasses or bottles onto the beach. Broken glass and bare feet do not go together

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Dogs Welcome. See what’s available

Your dog is on holiday to, so why not treat your pet. Choose from a selection of doggy beers, doggy wines, doggy ice cream or a selection of doggy treats, all specially produced for dogs. The Admiral Benbow is one of the most dog friendly pubs around.

We are unable to do hot food but have a selection of cakes and rolls during peak times. Home made soup and dressed crab are available at peak week-ends


Admiral Benbow Beach Bar

A Brief History The beach is only six feet away ! Our Beers and Spirits

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In May 2004 Gillian and Paul bought the Admiral Benbow as having been customers themselves they could no longer resist its charms. With over 60 years of business experience between them they set about revitalising the old inn with an eye to keeping the ambience and familiar decor intact.The Admiral Benbow has been featured in both the national and local press and on Television. Sadly Gillian is no longer with us but she gave us all the will to carry on and make the Admiral Benbow what it is today.

The Admiral Benbow

is named after the inn featured in the book Treasure Island. "Admiral Benbow" is a traditional pub name after Vice Admiral John Benbow (1653 - 1703).