The Admiral Benbow Beach Bar has operated since 1997 and since then has gathered a dedicated clientele who have spread the word from person to person. It is still, however, one of the LIncolnshire Coast's best kept secrets.

An old disused building, formerly a toilet block and first-aid room with a workman's shelter at the southern end. In the centre, a shelter, where the public could sit and look out to sea.
In 1995, the council boarded up the building in an attempt to discourage the vandalism that was costing several hundreds of pounds a year.
A local businessman came up with an idea to convert the building into a theme pub and, with the help of colleagues in the building trade, the idea went from drawing board to the real thing.
Support came from the Rural Development Commission in the form of a grant towards the building costs.
All of the wood used in the building was reclaimed from the old breakwaters and groynes that used to be on the Chapel Beach.

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In May 2004 Gillian and Paul bought the Admiral Benbow as having been customers themselves they could no longer resist its charms. With over 60 years of business experience between them they set about revitalising the old inn with an eye to keeping the ambience and familiar decor intact.The Admiral Benbow has been featured in both the national and local press and on Television.

The wintertime crew of the Admiral Benbow consists of:

The Admiral - Paul
General Manager - Sarah-Jane
Crew members -  Sue, Sam, Tony and Charlie Dinglehound .

The Admiral Benbow
is named after the inn featured in the book Treasure Island. "Admiral Benbow" is a traditional pub name after Vice Admiral John Benbow (1653 - 1703).

Outside the bar, we have a seating area built to give the impression of being on board a pirate ship. The area is very popular with families. The children can play on the beach in sight of Mum and Dad whilst they enjoy a refreshing drink on board ship!