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the hispaniola was completely rebuilt in the winter of 2013 by a team of four people. They worked through snow, hail, fog, rain and freezing temperatures in order to get it completed by easter. they succeeded!.

the team consisted of terry barrs (who also designed the hispaniola, with input from others!) john hamilton (our handyman), kevin laywood  and ‘nudge’ stratford (materials)

in memory of gillian hibbert-greaves who gave us the inspiration

please note that -

the hispaniola is registered as licensed premises and subject to the 2003 licensing act.. Part of that act states that children under 18 years are not allowed on these premises unless accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18.


bound for treasure island

Sit on the deck and imagine you are on a cruise to the Spanish main! Enjoy a fine pint of best ale and soak up the sun. Keep an eye on the kids, whilst you relax, as they play on the biggest children’s biggest play area ever  -THE BEACH

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